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Hello and welcome to my site. This page is about me and the two amazing webmasters that came before me!

My name is Deborah, and I am the current owner of Brisbane-Walkabout.com.

Deborah MasonDeborah Mason

As you have probably guessed, I am not the person who originally created this site, or even the person willing to take it on and continue as webmaster when the original writer was unable to continue.

I am the very happy third owner of this site!

And I hope to be able to maintain the integrity of the site and honour the intentions of both previous owners as I work on developing the Brisbane-Walkabout.com.

The History of Brisbane-Walkabout.com

Although he was not an Aussie, the original owner had been a regular visitor to Brisbane to visit his family, and he covered a lot of features of this wonderful city.

For a few years, he came here on a regular basis but when that changed he looked around for someone to continue his work on this site.

Liz took over the site, as she had a great interest in Brisbane (she grew up there), and really loves this amazing city.

Although she doesn't live here anymore, it didn't take her long to get back to Brisbane. So she spent some time exploring interesting places with her camera in tow, taking pictures that she shared with you, the readers!

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Brisbane

© ianmck2011 | Canstock Photography - Kangaroo Point Cliffs

And now, due to other commitments, Liz has reluctantly had to let the site go and rather than see it vanish into the ether I have agreed to take it on and incorporate it into my eclectic collection of websites.

You will probably notice as you read many, if not all of the pages, that they are an interesting mix of styles. This is the result of each of us writing or reading through pages and realizing that there was more information that could or should be shared with you.

Sometimes there was more that one of us knew about a specific subject and could share it from a locals point of view. And when any of us felt the need, we have added our personal views to a page or two.

Enough About Me - Moving Forward...

Thank you for visiting here, I hope you enjoy reading the existing articles on this site about Brisbane. I look forward to sharing my excitement and interest in this subject with you in new articles, as I continue to go Walkabout in Brisbane.

May love and laughter fill your life!

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