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Brisbane Walkabout's Australia Book Store provides you the chance to stock up on travel books about Australia before you go.

Whether it's for reading under the parasol on the beach or for planning your excursions from your hotel room, you can get some books to discover more about Australia.

The books in the store are paper copies, ideal for carrying with you and making notes in. They can go anywhere with you.

However, if you prefer electronic books, visit our Brisbane Walkabout Travel Store and pick up a Kindle then download the books you want, and need, to it.

In the meantime, here are a few selections to get you started.


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Whichever method you prefer, and these days I'm tending toward electronic books, you'll find a great selection at Amazon and, because you're buying from them, you know it's safe.

I think Amazon is a great way to buy most things, I tend to make purchases myself on a fairly regular basis!

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We've taken our Kindles on vacation with us for the past few years and it's great. No lugging heavy books, or worrying about library books, on planes, cars, through hotels and down to the beach or poolside.

One small e-reader carries as many books as you could read in lifetime never mind a holiday. And it fits in a coat or jacket pocket or purse much better than the latest blockbuster does.

Of course, you don't have to visit Australia or Brisbane to buy any of the books in the store. Even if Australia is just a dream vacation for you right now, you can get into the mindset with some Australian goodies to keep you going until the day arrives.

And remember to visit our Travel Store, for even more gifts for yourself or others.

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