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Brisbane Walkabout's Australia Travel Store provides you a chance to buy those travel necessities, such as electrical adaptors, before you make your trip to Brisbane.

Our Travel Store is where you'll find CDs and DVDs showcasing the best of Australia and also personal care products with Aussie oils and scents that will remind you of your trip even when you get back home. There's even some Aussie flavors in the store too.

No gift store can be considered complete without jewelry, knick-knacks and other items, such as Australian T-shirts and Flags, UGG boots and moccasins, and boxing kangaroo beach towels for your Australian-born neighbours or work colleagues.

For you the traveler the electrical adapters will be the most useful items to take.

We all travel nowadays with e-readers, your laptops, smart-phones, your electric toothbrushes and other gadgets that need charging.

So you'll need a number of these handy devices.

We took four adapters on a recent trip and with two adults-worth of devices, it still wasn't enough.

Another useful device worth considering for your trip is the Australia/New Zealand package for your Garmin navigator. Just remember, if you're planning to drive, Australian cars drive on the left!

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Of course, you don't actually have to be going to visit Australia or Brisbane to buy any of these gifts. They make great gifts for you or anyone you know with a passion for all things Australian.

For example, there are Australian scrapbooking supplies for the craft folks you know. Remember to visit our Book Store before you go for some pool and ocean-side reading.

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