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Birds Australia, azure kingfisher

Birds Australia are generally quite colorful and many have quite beautiful plumage.

They include birds such as those in the parrot family, as well as some unusual ones like the cassowary which is also colourful.

Azure kingfishers, like the one shown on the right are found all over eastern and northern Australia.

Aren't they an amazing color, with the combination of the blue and orange colros of their plumage? They are beautifully coloured, as you can see, being a deep purple blue, though maybe too deep a blue to be described as 'azure'?

They swoop from branch to branch above the water, darting down to catch their unwary prey and avoiding humans where possible. This page features photos of a number of quite unique Aussie birds.

You'll see a few more Australian birds that are an addition to our other bird-related pages.

There are links to those articles at the bottom of the page.

It is valuable to share information on these birds to help build awareness.

So many of our wildlife and birds are becoming endangered due to loss of habitat.

Its worth thinking about what each of us can do to help. As man encroaches onto the traditional ares they lived in, more are becoming less common, unless they can adapt to living in areas where people also live.

Birds Australia, bush stone curlew

Bush stone-curlews are an endangered species in parts of Australia but they seem common enough around Brisbane.

They are, however, nocturnal so you're generally only likely to see them at dawn or dusk.

Though they live on dry land, they're related, apparently, to oystercatchers, which probably explains why this one is waiting so patiently for someone to turn on the water.

Perhaps because it's such a dry continent that normally water birds have taken to the land.

You can also read our article about another of the more unusual Aussie birds... Australia's very own kookaburra showing photos of this Aussie icon.

To give birds Australia places to live, the nursery industry has helped out by encouraging the planting of more Australian native trees. So if you are an Aussie reading this, think about planting trees from your local region.

By helping to provide trees with flowers that that the birds can feed on it may keep the populations of these birds viable. We continue on with a photo of another unusual bird called the noisy friarbird. What interesting names they have!

Birds Australia, noisy friarbird

The noisy friarbird inhabits all of eastern Australia, but is particularly prevalent in the coastal regions. It looks like it was left over from the dinosaur age with its bald head, dark shiny plumage and angular shape.

However the good news it is a honeyeater and lives mainly on nectar and insects, not exactly T. Rex, even if it does look like a relic of the past.

Another interesting bird is the cassowary, and he's not likely to be seen around the suburbs!

Birds Australia, cassowary

Nowadays cassowaries live only in the north eastern corner of Queensland, in the area around the Daintree.

They are an endangered species and you're unlikely to see one of these birds Australia in the wild.

This is because they stick to the dense forest floor for the most part.

When they do venture out, they are too often hit by cars so it's probably best they stay out of danger.

I had to include this Superb Fairy-Wren even if it was just for the name. There's even a 'splendid' fairy wren but you need to go into the outback to see that one. I just love the color of lovely little birds.

These small blue wrens live along the eastern coast from the Brisbane area and on down south.

Birds Australia, superb fairy wren

As mentioned in another part of this site, the noisy miner frequents outdoor cafes and picnic areas and will steal food from your hand as you're lifting it to your mouth.

Birds Australia, noisy miner bird

I know this because one took a considerable bite out of my Australian meat pie as I was doing just this. They live all along the eastern seaboard of Australia so you'll get to know these fellows very well.

Birds Australia, red wattle-bird

The one shown here in photo on the left is the red wattle-bird.

This one is a less common 'beggar' around outdoor eateries, and is generally only found out in the country.

It isn't so big as the ibis, which is a relief, but quite a bit bigger than the noisy miner.

It can be quite intimidating when it fixes its eye on your meat pie, as this one did. They too live mainly around eastern Australia so you're sure to see one if you get out of town at all.

You'll find more photos of other birds Australia on our related pages, such as Brisbane Birds and Pelican Pictures.

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