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Brisbane Australia is a busy city of over 1.5 million people. The majority of the population live in the many surrounding suburbs, but there is a relatively large number of people living in the CBD and inner suburbs of Brisbane.

Many of them live in high-rise or rive front apartment buildings like the ones pictured above. The Macquarie One Apartments were built on the 1 km waterfront at Teneriffe (3.6 kms from the city centre) on a site previously occupied by the Riverside Coal and Transport company which ran a barge service between Brisbane and Ipswich.

Brisbane Australia, apartments downtown

© Brisbane City Council | - Macquarie One Apartments

Brisbane is also the capital of Queensland and is its largest city.

The city of Brisbane itself includes a large number of surrounding suburbs. This makes it one of the largest cities in Australia, as the council governing the city looks after a large and quite widespread area, with a growing population.

The city is located in the south-east corner of the state of Queensland reasonably close to the border with New South Wales. Many national and international businesses have located their offices there, and who could blame them!

In my view it has the best of the state's weather. While it can get hot, its generally comfortable most of the year, except for some hot days you can get in mid-summer. I must admit I don't like it too hot, but then I am happy that the climate in Brisbane Australia is not too cold either!

The winter weather in Brisbane, Australia is quite comfortable, so its a nice place to live in year round. The suburbs spread out from the city center, but many people still work in the central business district.

This is because that is where many large businesses locate their offices. It is a beautiful, sub-tropical city surrounded by picturesque countryside.

The residents of Brisbane may work in the city, but on weekends they take advantage of the beaches that are located a leisurely drive from the CBD.

© tupungato | Canstock Photography - Brisbane CBD

In easy reach of the city center there are the beaches of Moreton Bay, as well as miles of golden surf beaches at both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. You may choose to drive south to visit the Gold Coast, or go north to the surf beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

On your way to the Sunshine Coast you can also take in the beaches of the Redcliffe Peninsula (not surf beaches) or if you drive a little further out you can visit the white sandy beaches of Bribie Island. These last two are also popular fishing areas, so you'll see many keen fisherman making their way there on week-ends.

If you are staying in the city center itself you'll possibly want to take in the nightlife. Take a look at the picture below of the Conrad Treasury Casino and Hotel, which is awash with color - as befits one of the city's major night spots.

If you are like most people who visit the city, you will possibly want to go there even if you don't gamble, as its an interesting place to visit, even if its just out of curiosity.

Brisbane Australia, CBD (downtown) at night

© Andrew Sutherland | - Treasury Casino at Night

The picture above shows you what the CBD looks like at night. This is the area where most of Brisbane's nightlife is located. If you'd like to learn more about the Brisbane Casino, check out my page about the Treasury Casino, as well as Brisbane's many other attractions.

This next photo is of Brisbane's Central Business District (CBD) looking across from the beach at South Bank, as evening falls. It must be hard to concentrate on your work when the view from your office window looks out over the Brisbane River and South Bank beach.

Brisbane Australia, view of downtown (CBD) from South Bank

© Jorge Lascar | - Brisbane CBD in the Early Evening

You can enjoy this view, and explore the city, based at one of the many 5 Star Hotels. Or you may choose to say at one of the other fine hotels you can find through our article on accommodation. Use our map to assist you with finding a hotel in and around the CBD.

The Brisbane City Council meets at the City Hall, see image below... and this building is considered a major landmark of the city and is often used as a logo of the council. The city of Brisbane got its own local government in 1859, at a time when the state of Queensland was in its infancy.

Brisbane Australia, city hall and King George Square

© Jabriu | Canstock Photography - Brisbane City Hall

John Petrie was a member of the first free settling family in Brisbane, and was voted in as the first mayor of the city. Petrie is also the name of a region north of the city which was formerly a rural farming area, but is now a pleasant residential area.

There's more about the above building in the pages on Brisbane Photographs and Street Art.

The Queensland government is unique in Australia, as it is the only state without a bicameral legislature... that is having only one 'house' rather than the more usual two. The Legislative Council or 'upper house', was abolished in 1922, leaving the lower house to be the sole governing body.

Queensland's government is based on the British Westminster system where ministers are chosen from the elected delegates by the majority party. The world's first Labour party government was voted into Queensland in 1899.

Brisbane Australia, Parliament building

© | Parliment House Brisbane

While that tradition of Labor party majorities has continued throughout most of the state's history, there have also been many periods of conservative government as well. If you have an interest in the history of Brisbane Australia, and want to discover how this city developed, you can learn more about this in my article about Brisbane's history.

Eating out is a big part of visiting anywhere and brisbane is no exception. Read our our recommendations for restaurants in Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley, in West End, in South Bank, the riverside and New Farm and at Milton. When you're in town, you may want to take in a game. Brisbane Australia has most of the regular sports so you'll probably find something that you follow.

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