Brisbane Casino Or Conrad Treasury

The Brisbane Casino, Conrad Treasury Casino and Hotel to use its full title, is worth visiting just to see inside the magnificent Queensland Treasury building, even if you no intention of gambling!

The beautiful old treasury building, flanks the approach to the mall from the river and CityCat dock. This building was built in stages between 1886 and 1928, to house some of Queensland's government departments and its Treasury.

It was was renovated and reopened in 1995 as the Conrad Treasury Casino and hotel. Money is still its raison d'etre, you could say.

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Brisbane Casino at Night

Conrad Treasury Casino and Hotel is more than just that. Its a major entertainment center, with live acts and fashion shows throughout the year.

Music can be heard in the Livewire Bar, where you'll hear hits from the '80's and '90's, as well as today's music.

The Kitty is focused on party sounds, and is open most of the week and has live Jazz on Sundays. You'll never be short of ideas on where or what to eat.

Brisbane Casino on Queen Street

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The casino has bars, restaurants and cafes serving something for everyone.

The Lab Bar plus Restaurant features fine European and North American dining. The Fat Noodle has wonderful Asian food as does the Marco Polo.

The Kitchen at the Treasury is open all day, everyday and has everyone's favorite comfort foods. You can buy burgers, pasta, sandwiches, soups and salads, roast meats, and all day breakfasts.

The Market Buffet aims for fresh food, with a focus on seafood, but including plenty of meat meals too.

And for those times you're looking for a quick snack, 2GO snack Bar has the full range of guilty pleasures, chips, fries, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and that Australian staple, meat pies.

The hotel is pretty darn good too, with 130 beautifully appointed rooms to pamper you during your stay. And, as the casino is right in the heart of Brisbane, it's well-placed to be the place to stay for your whole trip.

It's ideal for the Queen Street Mall experience or South Bank. The CityCat terminal is only minutes walk away, so the city is all laid out before you.

I've talked a lot about all the other good things the Treasury has to offer and very little about its reason-to-be, which is gambling.

As you can probably see from the scale of the Brisbane casino, it's big, with all the games you probably can want. From slot machines or gaming machines, as they are now called, to 60 table games to poker and other card games.

There are always promotional rewards going on so be sure to check them out before you go. For the latest information on their shows and events, visit Treasury Casino.

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