Brisbane Cricket Ground Known As The Gabba!

The Brisbane Cricket Ground is located in the southern suburb of Wooloongabba, and is better known as 'The Gabba'.

Free buses are available to take your from the city center to the game for most matches.

The Gabba hosts domestic cricket, as well as being the home of the local team known as the Queensland Bulls, and international cricket matches.

Brisbane Cricket Ground, Queensland Bulls playing

© Rae Allen | - Brisbane Cricket Ground - GABBA

If you're feeling more adventurous and would like to see a whole day or more there is also a domestic first class cricket competition. The Sheffield Shield is a competition between the six states, however, those games are of the 4 and 5- day variety.

If you like action, or don’t know cricket that well, Cricket's Twenty-20 matches may be the format for you. They are the shortest games and geared to be more entertaining for the non-cricket enthusiast.

There are fireworks, cheerleaders, mascots and half-time shows to liven up a possibly otherwise dull three hours.

The Twenty-20 state team, the Queensland Bulls, play in this relatively new league, which is gaining in attendance and fans.

Each state has a team and the games are played over the summer months from about Nov to February.

Brisbane Cricket Ground, Bulls playing

© Rae Allen | - Brisbane Cricket Ground - GABBA

As well as the domestic league, there are a number of international games played here throughout Australia every year. These games also come in various forms, from multi-day Test matches to the One Day Internationals.

When played in Brisbane, these games are also be played at The Gabba.

Other Sports at the Brisbane Cricket Ground

Cricket is not the only game played at the GABBA. The Gabba is also home to the Brisbane Lions, the local 'Aussie Rules' football team.

For anyone who has never seen or heard of Aussie Rules, then a game is an experience of a lifetime.

This is simply because it may be the most confusing 3 to 4 hours of your life.

If you’re lucky you’ll sit next to a nice lifelong fan who can explain the many, many rules and give you all the player stats.

But if not, just cheer and groan when the majority of people in your section do and you should be okay. To see a game of rugby or soccer, you need to be at the Suncorp Stadium.

The Australian Football League consists of 16 teams, the majority of which come from the state of Victoria, as it's the ruling football code of that state.

The season runs from March to September and tickets are very reasonable for an adult and you can also purchase family, child and concession tickets.

Not so very far from the Gabba is the Queensland Tennis Centre, home of the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament.

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