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This Brisbane Images page is a companion piece to our Brisbane photographs page, but this time its capturing more of the public and street art around the city.

Kangaroo street art Brisbane

Brisbane has a lot of public art, which adds a lot to the pleasure of walking around the streets and parks.

And this being Australia, I'm starting with a kangaroo made of what looks like automobile parts.

The City Roos are in George Street and were created by Christopher Trotter in 1999 using scrap metal from a number of different industries including the car manufacturing industry. The roos were commissioned by the Brisbane City Council as part of the George St Redevelopment.

I think it may be made from Holden parts, and this would be appropriate. Holden was Australia's vehicle manufacturer way back, and now part of GM.

These pieces of art that have made use of what would otherwise be junk are quirky, and very original. The addition of these eclectic Brisbane images to the city has brought art to the common man.

© Huhnbeauftragter | Flickr - City Roos by Christopher Trotter

It's interesting to be walking down a street and come upon a piece like this. It is one that reflects the soul of the people of Brisbane with its strong Aussie theme.

Although not strictly considered to be a piece of street art, the Story Bridge between the CBD and Kangaroo Point is a breath-taking piece of engineering. The bridge was first opened in June 1940 and is now heritage listed.

The Bridge was named after John Douglas Story who was a senior public servant who had fought quite strongly for the bridge to be built.

© Michael Coghlan | Flickr - Story Bridge Brisbane

The bridge features prominently in the annual Riverfire display during the Brisbane Festival and you can book an adventure tour to climb to the top of the bridge. However, if you don't like the idea of doing bridge climbing, or if you are a little afraid of heights, you can also enjoy the park below the Story Bridge.

You can admire the view across the river, play some cricket or frisbee with the other park users, and also ponder the meaning of this monolith.

The next two photos below show all the sides of a monolith at Kangaroo Point. The artwork on the stone is in the Australian Aboriginal style.

Brisbane Images, kangaroo point monolith

© | Street Art Captain Burke Park Kangaroo Point

Brisbane Images, kangaroo point

© | Street Art Captain Burke Park Kangaroo Point

The highly graphical and colourful monolith is near an equally colorful children's playground, as you can see in the background.

Brisbane Images, public art in the park

This silver many-cubed piece reflects the park colors around it and provides rest and shade for weary travelers. Look closely for the legs in the lower left side.

Here is another piece of street art with a different theme, a golden ball. And we are in a different park this time as the location of this artwork is at Roma Street Parklands.

Brisbane Images, art in Roma Park

© | Street Art Roma Street Parklands

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Brisbane's street and park art is some of the most eclectic and unusual I've seen anywhere on our travels. I think, if you like street art, you'll agree with me when you visit.

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