Brisbane Nightlife In The Valley, West End and CBD

Brisbane nightlife depends on what you're looking for. Various areas of Brisbane have great nightlife and certain areas might suit you better than others. Here's a brief preview of three of them the Valley, West End and Central Business District or CBD.

Brisbane Nightlife in the CBD

Downtown Brisbane has a variety of nightlife options, with restaurants that become bars later in the night.

At Eagle St Pier there is a collection of restaurants and bars.

One is a Bavarian Beer Garden, that serves traditional German flavours, with a modern twist.

Its restaurant then becomes a bar with a wide range of on tap and bottled beers at night. It's especially good to visit during Oktoberfest.

Farther into the Brisbane City, is the Port Office Hotel. It offers dinner and then later turns into a night club.

It does depend on what you are looking for. Friday's is a more typical night club, and it has a large outdoor patio overlooking the Brisbane River.

Jade Buddha is a more upscale restaurant, and is more of a lounge bar, with a small dance floor.

It also has an outdoor patio that overlooks the river and the Story Bridge, and offers spectacular night views.

The Valley

Btw, officially, it's Fortitude Valley but no one actually refers to it that way.

In the Valley, there's a pedestrian area lined with restaurants and night clubs and also a variety of restaurants within walking distance so you can head out for dinner and just stay out all night.

The Valley tends to be for the younger crowd of Brisbane and backpackers from around the world. The clubs are mostly house music and dance clubs with a few lounge bars as well.

If you're looking to party until the wee hours of the morning then this is the place for you. And, since all the clubs are close, you can hop from club to club all night although many of the places charge cover so it might be an expensive way to spend the night.

Some of the more popular clubs are Cloudland, Family, and Birdee Num Num's.

Cloudland is a four-level club decorated in what could only be described as unique way.

It mixes luscious plants and outdoor style furniture with elaborate chandeliers and couches.

It doesn't have a dedicated dance floor though there is usually a live DJ and musicians.

Family is also a multi-storey club with a good dance area and a wide range of music. Birdee Num Num's (or just Birdee's) is a backpacker haven and it's great on a Sunday when you can relax and party in the summer sun.

If you're looking for live music then The Zoo is the best place to go in The Valley. A unique feature of The Valley is MANA Bar which is full of video games for you to play while meeting new people in a bar-style environment.

West End

Here the Brisbane nightlife is typically more the relaxed lounge-bar-type venues. Places tend to be small with lots of seating, rather than having big dance floors.

West End hosts two of the best cocktail bars in Brisbane; Sling Bar and Lychee Lounge, each offering a wide array of cocktails using unique ingredients and combinations. You might think the prices a bit high but if you can get to either of them, its worth the cost.

The Melbourne Hotel has a full restaurant and offers some good cocktails. If you're in the West End area and in the mood to dance then Uber Bar is probably your best bet. It frequently has live music in a range of genres and always throws a good party.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre

A different kind of Brisbane nightlife is to be found at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Big concerts, such as Lady Gaga or whoever is popular at the time, that come to Brisbane are almost always played at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

It's a large arena in Boondall, north of the city, and easily accessed by car, train, or bus. As with most arenas, there are food and beverages available on site.

To find out what is on during the time you are there just jump on the internet at their site Brisent Other Brisbane nightlife venues, for theatre or shows, include, Powerhouse and QPAC. For more Brisbane nightlife ideas, visit our page South Bank or Restaurant pages.

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