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Brisbane Restaurant, view from City Gardens across the Brisbane River

Our Brisbane restaurant guide to the South Bank area complements our other Brisbane restaurant pages.

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They also feature photos, that give you a brief look at the neighborhood.

Located near the man-made beach South Bank has lots of quick restaurants for the day and a fantastic range of restaurants for a longer night meal.

There is also a movie theatre nearby so it is a convenient place to stop off for dinner and a movie.

This photo is downstream of South Bank, just across from the City Gardens, but near enough to South Bank for my purposes.


Ahmets is one of two Turkish restaurants in South Bank, where the atmosphere and food are both superb. While a little more pricey than the rest of the area it is well worth it. If you're in a big group the King's Feast will allow everyone to try a bit of everything.

Flowers of the World

Flowers Of The World is on Grey St in between some cute little shops.

This cafe is part shop, part cafe which works out well as you can browse through the store as you wait for your food.

While most of the food is pre-made they do have a selection of organic foods. As these can sometimes be tough to find in Brisbane, its worth a visit.

The Lyrebird

Lyrebird is a great choice for a pre-show dinner if you're in South Bank to watch a performance at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The Lyrebird is a bit more upscale then the rest of the neighborhood, and the food and prices reflect this.

There is often live music in the Cascade Court which provides excellent atmosphere for the restaurant as do all the patrons of the theatre who are also passing time before the show. If you're in a bit of a rush there is also a bistro and cafe, both licensed, within the same complex.


Brisbane Restaurant, pub at South Bank

Mado is the other Turkish restaurant in South Bank. Mado is different to its competitor but in no way inferior.

The prices are a bit cheaper and the food is just as good with a wider variety of other Mediterranean inspired choices.

The atmosphere is fantastic and weekend nights there are belly dancers who entertain while you enjoy your meal. You can even dance with the belly dancers.

The Plough

This photo is of The Plough's outdoor patio. The Plough does regular pub-grub and is one of South Bank's busiest eateries.

Brisbane Restaurant, bamboo grove at South Bank


Piaf: If you're in the mood for some French inspired food then this is your stop in South Bank.

The dishes have some Asian influence as well which creates a unique menu in the Brisbane area.

The wine list is fairly exclusive and has some interesting French wines to try out.

To finish your meal off there are some fantastic desserts including the crème brûlée.

Piaf's is also open for breakfast.

The bamboo grove in the photo is one of the highlights of the South Bank Parklands.


Toscani's is a great Italian restaurant with an amazing location for people watching along South Bank. The ricotta and spinach ravioli is a personal favourite and the risotto fungi is always a good choice.

Brisbane Restaurants, riverside

If you're just there for a drink, the Ice Coffee is a great way to cool off after some tanning at the South Bank beach.

There is also a breakfast and lunch menu as well as multiple desserts options.

The house in the photo on the right is also downstream riverside, rather than South Bank, so it's sort of a transition for the links below.

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