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Are you looking at Brisbane Restaurants, and you can't decide what you want to eat?

This page is about eating out in the West End of town, to help you work out where to go.

Eating out can be both a wonder and a chore, but a nice chore in Brisbane.

There are so many areas around the city which offer one stop eating. You could head out to one of the many different restaurant areas and wander around until one of them entices you in. Just make sure you go early as many restaurants close by 10pm even on weekends, so getting food after this time can prove to be quite an excursion.

One of the best parts about eating out in Australia is that tipping isn't required. Although speaking as someone who has worked in the service industry, it's always nice. However this means that anyone coming from a country where waiters work for tips can find the service a little lacking.

Just relax into the Australian way and you will find you don't miss a perky waitress asking if you're okay every 5 minutes.

Another great thing to remember is that tax is already in the price, so what you see on the menu is what you pay!

There are way too many Brisbane restaurants to go over every one.

So I've highlighted some of the better ones, the ones I like best anyway. I've covered each of the major restaurant regions around the city and done a bit of a review of the region itself.

Most restaurants are licensed and many also allow for BYO (Bring Your Own) and charge a corkage fee. Our search for great food begins in...

Brisbane Restaurants in the West End

Brisbane Restaurants, frangipani flower

This is great area for cafes and quaint little Brisbane restaurants.

By the way, the flower in the photo is a Frangipani, which followed us around all afternoon.

Frangipani has a beautiful scent and is used in perfumes and other scented products.

So back to talking about food. If you're looking for a place to brunch on the weekend, then this is the place.

You will find some of the city's best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the West End as well as plenty of shops to browse through to work up an appetite.

Brisbane Restaurants, frangipani

Freestyle cafe

Freestyle Cafe is located on Melbourne St near a host of other Brisbane restaurants this is the place you need to go for dessert and coffee.

While they do serve main meals as well, the best part of the meal will be your dessert so you may as well just skip straight to it.

The overall winner is the White Chocolate Raspberry Brioche Dumplings but none of the desserts will disappoint.

A great place to gather with friends and finish off the night, you can also book a function room for special occasions. It is open late till around about 11pm on the weekends, and is reasonably priced.

Brisbane Restaurants, flowers

Bombay Dhaba

Bombay Dhaba is also located on Melbourne St, it's home to some of the best Indian food in Brisbane.

On Sundays for lunch they have traditional dosas, which provide an excellent way to spend a few hours chatting with friends.

Its fun people watching, seeing all the other Sunday brunchers while eating a wonderful meal. Halal food is available as well as a variety of vegetarian options.

The Forest

The Forest is one of the few vegan restaurants in the city it uses almost all organic foods and has many gluten-free options. Located on Boundary St they have a buffet selection most days as well as a regular menu.

If you're just wandering around West End stop in for a smoothie and listen to some live music. There is also a bar if you're in the mood for something a little stronger than a smoothie.

Gundshop Cafe

Brisbane Restaurants, west end flowers

Gunshop Cafe is the epitome of Sunday brunch this cafe, on Mollison St, has great coffee and an amazing breakfast menu.

However, trying to get a table can be tricky as you can't book in advance.

It is open at 7am during the week as well if you're looking to start your day off on a high note without the wait for a table.

Fresh produce is evident throughout the menu and the atmosphere will lift your spirits. The French toast with caramelized bananas is my choice for brunch. If you're in West End for the night there is also a bar so you can relax with a drink in the outdoor courtyard.

Three Monkeys Coffee & Tea House

Brisbane Restaurants, succulent

Three Monkeys Coffee & Tea House is one of the best cafes in Brisbane it has a fantastic location near the intersection of Melbourne and Mollison in and around the other cafes and shops.

This makes for a unique atmosphere as people drop in for breakfast before work, for a break from shopping, or to catch up with friends at night.

The cafe is set up with numerous little nooks that each has a different feel. You can find people playing chess or cards in between diners.

The back patio is always happening and a great place to meet new people.

The food is delicious as is the coffee. The chai tea is a local legend, although be warned, it will have you coming back for more.

Tibetan Kitchen

Tibetan Kitchen is located just outside of the main thoroughfare of the West End on Hardgrave Road, and its food is authentic, with perhaps a bit of the spice tuned down. There aren't a lot of Tibetan restaurants among the many Brisbane restaurants but this one is the best.

The staff are very friendly and will go out of their way to make sure you are happy. If you haven't tried much Tibetan food now is your chance to explore a unique cuisine.


Brisbane Restaurants, sawadee ka

Sawadee Ka is an excellent Thai restaurant in the middle of the Melbourne St West End restaurant district.

Fresh vegetables enliven the curries and each meal can be designed to suit the spice tolerance of everyone.

Open for both lunch and dinner and they have an outdoor sitting area which is great for people watching.

Lock 'n' Load

Lock 'n' Load In a city where outdoor dining is at its best, the back patio of Lock 'n' Load is the best of them all. Palms and other fragrant trees provide an elegant but relaxed atmosphere, which can be rented out for private functions.

Located on Boundary Rd this bar/restaurant is great for a meal with friends or a relaxing drink after a day of shopping. With live music on the weekends and a variety of unique cocktails it is one of the best lounges in Brisbane.

Sling Bar

Brisbane Restaurants, food in the park

Sling Bar is another lounge bar on Boundary St. with an amazing outdoor patio and an even more extensive cocktail list than Lock 'n' Load.

Just trying to decide which cocktail to get can be a night's work.

Whichever cocktails you choose it will be worth all the hard decision making.

My personal recommendation is the Prada but don't just stick to one, to get the best out of Sling you need to try as many as you can.

You can find more about Brisbane's nightlife at our page Nightlife. And you will find more of our recommended Brisbane restaurants located in and around South Bank, in the City and Fortitude Valley, at New Farm and Riverside and at Milton, Paddington, and St. Lucia.

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