About Buddha Birthday, Brisbane's Asian Festival and Other Festivals

The Buddha Birthday Festival is one of several fun-filled festivals hosted in Brisbane during each year. If you are planning a visit to Brisbane while any of these festivals are running, you could do worse than planning to spend some time experiencing the various cultural offerings of this beautiful city.

Buddha Birthday Festival

The Buddha Birthday festival is held on the first weekend in May throughout Brisbane's South Bank. This festival celebrates Asian culture and Buddhist values.

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There are over 200 events scattered across 3 days and over 150,000 people take part in the festivities.

Included in the events are children’s areas with face painting and crafts, musical and dancing displays, as well as talks and meditation courses. As well as the Buddha Birthday festival, Brisbane has a host of other events, such as...

Brisbane Comedy Festival

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is held throughout the month of March and it showcases a variety of Australian comedians as well as bringing in some international artists.

While there are venues throughout Brisbane the majority of the shows are held at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Paniyiri Greek Festival

Paniyiri is held in Musgrave Park just below the Greek Club, and is one of the longest running festivals in Queensland, or even Australia. It's a three day extravaganza of Greek culture.

© David Jackmanson | Flickr - Dancing at the Paniyiri Greek Festival

The park is packed with people sampling food, and this includes eating competitions.

You'll see people having fun dancing the Zorba... you know 'Zorba till you drop'!

You can listen to live performances of music, played on traditional greek instruments, and watching beauty and singing contests.

There are a variety of entertainments to participate in, including grape stomping, olive eating, and more cerebral cultural events such as Greek Orthodox Church tours, choirs, and cultural films.

© David Jackmanson | Flickr - Food Stall at the Paniyiri Greek Festival

Abby Medieval Festival

This festival is for all the wannabe lords and ladies and anyone who wanted to be Robin Hood when they were young.

The festival starts with a medieval banquet that includes music, dance and theatre.

Buddha Birthday, South Bank

© Tatters | Flickr - Brisbane Medieval Festival

It follows on with a Kids Fun day that includes making swords and shields and learning the knight's Code of Honour and, on the lighter side, gypsy dancing, flower garland and pottery making.

Of course, the big event of the middle ages was the tournament and the festival has two days of jousting and other manly pursuits. The tournament also has re-enactors demonstrating how people such as the Vikings lived, as well as, market stalls, medieval food, and a tavern.

© Tatters | Flickr - Participants in the Brisbane Medieval Festival

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