Car Rental Brisbane Airport

Car hire companies that operate at Brisbane airport include Avis, Thrifty, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Redspot Car Rentals.

If you are flying in from interstate or overseas, spend a bit of time checking out the websites for each company to find out which one is offering the best deal for when you are expecting to be here. Or ask you travel agent about any partner deals with your airline and the car rental companies.

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Car Rental at Brisbane Airport - Licencing Conditions

If you are visiting Brisbane from overseas, you are able to drive providing you have a valid overseas license, which you will have to produce when you are picking up your car rental Brisbane Airport.

If you are driving around Brisbane (or any other Australian city or State), it might pay to become familiar with Australia's road rules. Being a visitor from overseas is not likely to be a good enough excuse for a traffic cop to let you off if you get caught breaking the law and it is your responsibility to be aware of law.

And nothing would spoil a holiday any better or faster than being pulled over for something that could have been avoided.

Not to mention, realising that you will have to stay in Australia longer than planned or that you will be forced to return so that you can front up to answer charges in traffic court!

Driving in and around Brisbane

Once you have arranged your car rental at the Brisbane Airport, the first thing to remember, (particularly if you're arriving from North America or continental Europe), is that we drive on the left-hand side of the road in Australia.

It's not quaint, cute or wrong, it's just different and it is certainly not optional!

Driving in Brisbane, unlike many other big cities, is pretty good despite what Brisbanites will tell you and it is certainly less stressful than driving in one or two of the other capital cities on the East Coast!

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While it's true there are over a million people, and there is always a lot of construction going on, it rarely makes a big impact on the traffic conditions except for the occasional detour.

And once you're out of the city the roads are practically empty, by European standards anyhow. The only time driving can be a bit of a pain is at rush hour, which is approx 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm.

Even then it's not horrendous, except on a Friday when everyone is heading to the beach! Parking in the city is where the real pain begins.

It's generally limited and can cost an arm and a leg, which is why it's usually better to take public transport into the city.

Finding Your Way around Brisbane

Driving in the suburbs of an unfamiliar city can be confusing. Pretty much every resident of Brisbane has a Refidex or book of Brisbane maps. Personally, I use a garmin (GPS navigation system), and that generally gets me to where I want to go with ease.

Some people suggest that if you are going to be there for any amount of time to buy a street directory or yu could ask the car hire company if they provide a street directory of GPS system with the vehicle.  This will help to help navigate the winding, turning streets that seem laid out at the whim of the designer. 

This aspect of the city is very European, rather than New World. One reason for this is likely because Brisbane is full of hills, so if you've rented a manual car, make sure you get used to hill starts early!

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