Chinatown Brisbane
Great Asian Shopping in Fortitude Valley!

Chinatown Brisbane, while small, is still bursting with culture and festivity.

On any warm day the cafes and al fresco dining areas are packed with people enjoying the weather and scenery as well as outdoor markets on the weekends.

The car-free area of Duncan Street in Fortitude Valley allows pedestrians to mingle and shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since 1987 the outdoor mall has been open as an official cultural centre and incorporates both new and old traditions within its boundaries.

Chinatown Brisbane, shopping

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At the entrances off Wickham and Ann Street stand a pair of stone lions, a gift from the People's Republic of China, protecting the area from evil spirits.

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Inside these gates each day of the week you will find a different activity taking place. On the weekends there are excellent markets that sell clothes, food, toys and Chinese herbs and crafts.

On Sunday there are also Tai Chi classes held outside.

Often you will be entertained as you shop by touring Asian musicians and dance groups.

Within the boundaries of Chinatown you will also find Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and a number of other restaurants and supermarkets.

Traditional pieces from various countries can be bought along the length of the mall, as well as in some of the surrounding streets.

Along Wickham Street you'll also find specialty design stores.

There are also trendy, up-and-coming designers in the TCB building, which connects the outdoor mall on Brunswick Street to the Chinatown mall and throughout the Choptix Arcade.

Each year on Chinese New Year the street is packed with partyers celebrating and finding a place to eat becomes tough. However, while waiting for a table you will be entertained by various performers from the local stores. Other major Asian festivals are also celebrated here as the area has truly become Pan-Asian.

Chinatown Brisbane, dragon festival

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If you're planning to visit China Town, you may also want to visit our restaurants, particularly those of the fortitude valley area and the city.

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