Diving Brisbane, The City and the Ship

Diving Brisbane, both the city and the ship. Brisbane is a popular dive center, particularly to view HMAS Brisbane.

Lying upright on a sandy floor, the ship is a great diving experience. This was a guided-missile destroyer that was sunk in mid-2005, to create an artificial reef about 3 nautical miles offshore.

Depending on the dive company you choose will determine the sites you can visit. Diving from Brisbane takes in places such as Moreton Bay and Flinders Reef, Cook Island Marine Park and Stradbroke Island.

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The sites have suitably evocative names like Castle Rock, Plateau, The Cave, Hanging Rock, Pinnacles and Mudjimba Island also known as Old Woman Island.

Other places you can go includes places such as St Paul's wreck, 35 Metre Pinnacle, Flinders Reef, Henderson's and Brennan's Shoals.

As well, you can go to Smiths Rock, Curtin Artificial Reef and Pines Ledge. The Aahrus wreck, and Hutchisons Reef have equally interesting names.

Marine life you may see on your dive can vary, depending on where and the time you visit. What you see may include many colorful and intricately-shaped hard and soft corals, sponges, anenomes, nudibranches, shoals of surgeon fish and fusiliers.

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Here are a list of sites that are handy for day trips and vacationers:

It isn't an exhaustive list. You'll need to call around the dive shops to decide for yourself what you want to see.

Diving Brisbane, underwater pictures
Diving Brisbane, corals and fish

You may also see leopard sharks, which are harmless in case you're wondering... as well as the occasional turtle, moray eels, wobbegong sharks, as well as bat fish, butterfly fish, barracuda, squirrel fish, and the really big one, trevally.

Diving Brisbane, colourful coral
Diving Brisbane, more colorful coral

As these areas are on edge of the Pacific Ocean, a good number of quite beautiful corals make up a large part of the experience. Many of these can also be viewed from snorkeling trips, for those who don't dive.

Diving Brisbane, underwater images
Diving Brisbane, underwater photos

As you are diving in Australian waters, there are also a few other dangers that should be taken into consideration. It is highly advantageous when snorkeling to use a wetsuit, commonly known as a 'stinger suit'.

This is because at certain times of the year a type of jellyfish, so small it's barely visible to the eye, comes in close to the shore, and can inflict a nasty sting that requires serious medication to alleviate.  Australian waters are quite beautiful, so its a lovely experience but one that must be approached with care so that you enjoy your day out exploring, and seeing some unique underwater sights!

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