Dreamworld Gold Coast

Dreamworld Gold Coast is a theme park for the whole family. It can be combined with Whitewater World for a day of wet and dry excitement.

The beauty of Australian weather is that rides and attractions that close for winter in other parts of the world can stay open all year round here. Even water parks stay open thanks to heated pools. You can buy passes to all these parks by clicking on 'Brisbane Tours' at the right side of this page.

Along the Gold Coast are theme parks in such close proximity that you can hop between some of them during the day. Whether you're looking to cool down at a water park, or going for thrills on a roller coaster, or maybe hanging out with some marine life, there's a park for you.

Dreamworld Gold Coast ride for thrillseekers

© addianto | Flickr - Entrance to Deamworld

One of the parks you can share is Dreamworld Gold Coast. This park is affiliated with WhiteWater World and moving between them is easy to do, as they are right next to each other, and you can walk back and forth between them.

Dreamworld Gold Coast is open every day except Christmas, December 25th and Anzac Day which is April 25th from 10am to 5pm. It can be beneficial to check before going, as hours may be shortened or extended depending on the weather and if its school holidays.

Also in the summer months and during school holidays, there are usually long lines for everything so upgrading to either the 'early pass', which allows you into the park early, or getting the 'virtual queuing pass', or Q4U, can be real time savers.

The Q4U pass will electronically save your place in line while you continue to other things. Then when its your turn, you get alerted. A Dreamworld Gold Coast day pass is about A$80 for adults and A$50 for kids and seniors. It can also be combined with WhiteWater World for about A$90 and A$70 respectively.

© Ben Roach | Flickr - Cyclone Roller Coaster Deamworld

At Dreamworld there are seven big roller coasters for the thrill seekers of your group.

As well as six more family orientated rides, which allows almost everyone to take part in the fun.

Even if you have very little kids in the group there are 9 different kid themed areas.

This includes a Shrek themed area with rides for kids and places to eat and drink for the adults. There are also Madagascar and Wiggle themed areas.

As well as the rides in Dreamworld Gold Coast, there's Tiger Island where everyone can play with and cuddle baby tigers. It also includes interactive and educational displays on tigers and their habitat.

If you're into 'reality' television you have the chance to see the house where Big Brother Australia is filmed. Although you may have to settle for seeing it from the outside depending on what is going on at the time.

There are numerous food and merchandise vendors throughout the park so no matter where and when you get peckish or need retail therapy there will be plenty of options available.

©  JAK SIE MASZ | Flickr - Tiger Island Deamworld

Whitewater World

If you're visiting during the height of Australia's summer and finding it way too hot, then a day at WhiteWater World is what you need.

Located just beside Dreamworld it is good for an entire day of water fun. Or you can visit as a way to cool off in between roller coaster rides at Dreamworld.

WhiteWater World is open regularly from 10am to 4pm but can stay open later or close early depending on the weather.

The good news it that if you're vacationing in Australia's winter you don't have to miss out as they heat their pools and stay open all winter. They are closed Christmas Day, December 25th and on Anzac Day, April 25th. An adult ticket is about A$50 and kids and seniors are A$30.

© Michael Zimmer | Flickr - Pipeline Plunge Whitewater World

Whitewater World also has seven big thrill rides. The largest is 'The Wedgie', which includes a 17 metre or about 50 ft, vertical drop on a slide that stops you at the bottom in a way that slides your swimsuit into your bottom 'cleavage', hence the name.

Many of the rides take multiple people at a time or allow users to race each other. If you're more inclined to spend a day relaxing you can still get in on the fun. There's a wave pool to work out in and cabanas to rest and rejuvenate in.

The cabanas are extra charge but are a great place to keep your stuff and relax in the shade. For the kids there's Wiggle Bay with specially designed rides and play areas, as well as Pipeline Plunge, an adventure water park.

One of the best features of WhiteWater World is that you can learn to surf without having to brave Australia's ocean predators. Before and after hours at WhiteWater World they have a surf school in their wave pool.

The waves can be adjusted to different heights and speeds so different skill levels can be accommodated. The lessons are A$75 for 2 hours but that doesn't include park entrance. It does include equipment (except bathing suit) and pictures of you surfing.

For more things to do on the Gold Coast, visit our pages Seaworld and Lamington National Park or visit their page at Dreamworld.

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