The Glasshouse Mountains

Glasshouse Mountains National Park is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in the area behind Caloundra. These mountains were named by Captain James Cook as he sailed past them up the Qld coast, in 1770.

They are extinct volcanoes, and are the centerpiece of a heritage listed national park.

To get there is a day trip from Brisbane and they are easy to find, as you take the Bruce Highway north from Brisbane, until you see the Landsborough turn-off, which is really well marked. The Glass House Mountains can be spelled with a space or not, and both spellings are commonly used.

Mount Coonowrin, Glasshouse Mountains National Park, near Brisbane

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There are a number of tourist attractions in the general area so depending on what you like to do you could also visit other places on the same day. Australia Zoo, is one of the most famous attractions in the area, made popular by Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

There is a lot to see there, so you may prefer to give it a full day's visit. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, all have a long tradition of this kind of tourist attraction.

It's a fairly easy run from Brisbane to get to see them, as it only 70 km from the city. 

The mountains are part of a quite beautiful area, that is definitely worth visiting

They are old volcano plugs from which the overlying rock and earth has eroded away. They got their modern name from Captain Cook, as he thought they looked like the glass furnaces he saw back home in his native Yorkshire, hence their strange name.

Glasshouse Mountains National Park sights

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These mountains tower over the surrounding rainforest, so Cook easily saw them from his famous ship the Endeavour, while surveying the coastal seas during his voyages of discovery.

The Aboriginal population have a far more romantic names for the mountains and imbue them with myths and legends from their past, as peoples everywhere do about their own homelands.

Glasshouse Mountains near Brisbane, Australia

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This is a popular area for rock climbers, and on any week-end you will see someone out there climbing up the mountain. If you just want o visit the lookouts, they give you an interesting view across the nearby forest.

This is a lovely national park, with picnic areas where you can stop for lunch. There are number of lookouts, and depending on which mountain you want ot visit there are quite a few places you might choose to visit.

Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia

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The roads wind between the mountains, zig-zagg up to lookouts before plunging back down into the valleys and the pleasant farmlands and hamlets they support.

If you need a spot to buy lunch, you can continue on up the Landsborough Maleny Road, which as you'd expect leads to the town of Maleny, where there are a number of restuarants and cafes where you can buy lunch.

Glasshouse Mountains National Park, Queensland, Australia

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For more, much more, about the mountains, visit this Glass House Mountain website, and let a local guide show you round.

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