Hotels in Brisbane: A Map

Our hotels in Brisbane page provides a map to the places to stay in Brisbane. As you'll see, you can select the area of the city you want to stay in. Or you can select the attractions you want to stay near.

This is very useful, if you're in town for a footy or cricket game or just good old business.

For out of town visitors, try Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Chermside or Kangaroo Point as regional starting points for your search or Shopping as an Attraction search. Kangaroo Point and South Bank are good places to stay to watch Riverfire fireworks, just be sure to get a room with a river view.

© Bert Knottenbeld | Flickr - Brisbane CBD

© Bert Knottenbeld | Flickr - Kangaroo Point Dockside

For cricket or footy visitors, select the Woollangabba district of Brisbane or the Brisbane Cricket Ground from the Attraction search. For soccer games, choose Soccer or Suncorp from Attractions.

Attractions is a really good feature to use because it has everything from the Aboriginal Cultural Centre to Whale Watching.

Pretty much whatever attracted you to visit Brisbane is on there somewhere.

If you're planning to be in the CBD but want to reduce the expense, Spring Hill is a good choice.

It's a short 10 minute, walk to and from the downtown area.  It can be a little steep so its good to know that it's also on the free bus that loops around the central Brisbane area.

If you've a bigger budget, or if your company is paying, checkout Brisbane's 5-star hotels, as they are worth a more in-depth look.

Brisbane is a commercial and tourism destination so there's no shortage of hotels to suit every budget. Backpacker hostels, like the Kookaburra Inn, are the cheapest way to see the city, if that's how you're planning to visit. You'll be surprised how good even they can be.

For other Brisbane maps, streets and region, visit our page on maps and the page that shows the maps at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

If you know the hotel you want and are ready to book, I've placed a great alternate search and booking device below on this and every page.

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