Brisbane Restaurants In City and Fortitude Valley

More Brisbane Restaurants, city and valley

The more Brisbane restaurants page continues where our other restaurants pages leave off.

This time we're focusing on the city and valley areas.

During the week the downtown or Central Business District aka CBD area isn't particularly busy.

But at the weekends you find the bars and restaurants bustling. Many people come straight from work to relax and kick the weekend off right in and around the Queen St Mall.

In the middle of the Queen St Mall you can find some of the only 24 hour restaurants, good for those late nights, and some more Brisbane restaurants.

The Belgium Beer Garden

More Brisbane Restaurants, city and Fortitude Valley

The Belgium Beer Garden is located on the corner of Mary St and Edward Streets. This local institution is the best place to be on weekend afternoons.

With multiple types of European beers and delicious Belgian chocolate desserts, dining at the Belgium Beer Garden is practically heaven.

The main menu offers a variety of hearty Belgian inspired dishes including mussels and snails.

You can also try set menus designed to complement each beer that is served with each course.

Coffee & Chocolate

More Brisbane Restaurants, city and Fortitude Valley

Coffee & Chocolate is just off the Queen St Mall, and this is the ultimate dessert cafe.

With a wide selection of hand-made chocolate delights in the front counter trying to walk past this cafe can become a feat.

The coffee and hot chocolate is always fantastic and can be a meal in itself if you choose the Italian hot chocolate or chocolate fondue. If you need something more than just dessert there is also a full menu.

The Pancake Manor

More Brisbane Restaurants, panoramic view

The Pancake Manor is a true experience!

This 24 hour restaurant is located on Charlotte St in a heritage listed cathedral with the interior still intact.

Sit on the church pews as you enjoy your all day breakfast or stare up at the stain glass windows while eating your steak.

While there are a variety of options on the menu obviously at the Pancake Manor the pancakes are the stand out option.

Topped with almost anything you can think of, there'll be something here for everyone.

Pane E Vino

More Brisbane Restaurants, Pane E Vino

Pane E Vino is a city wide favourite. This Italian restaurant will make you smile every time.

The atmosphere is always inviting and a recent renovation has added more room, however you still may want to call ahead as the place is usually packed out. There is also a breakfast menu if you are looking for a great start to your day.

Any of the dishes will be delicious however a few recommendations are the bruschetta, 'gnocchi con gorgonzola' and 'tortellini funghi'.

There is a wide range of wines from around Australia to accompany your dinner and help you sample the different tastes from around the country.

More Brisbane Restaurants ... Fortitude Valley

Usually referred to as simply 'The Valley', this area has resurrected itself in recent years, after a down period, and is now one of the best suburbs for clubbing, shopping, and eating out.

You can spend a day wandering around the Valley Markets on the weekends followed by dinner and then out for drinks on the town.

KIng of Kings

More Brisbane Restaurants, shore view

King Of Kings is located in Chinatown amongst a crowd of other restaurants.

There are numerous places around Brisbane to try Yum Cha, but King of Kings is one of the more popular and for good reasons.

Lunch time can be a particularly busy time here. If you're unfamiliar with Yum Cha, try it, as it's simply a great way to sample a variety of Chinese food.

If you don't know what to order, or are just overwhelmed by the choices ask the wait staff to recommend the best options for the day. Yum Cha is a great way to catch up with friends and the location means you can head straight out for drinks in 'the valley' after dinner.


More Brisbane Restaurants, ravine view

Cloudland is one of the newest additions to the Brisbane night life, and it is a strange mix of decor, but has a fantastic menu and atmosphere.

There are four levels with a retractable roof that can create an open-air rooftop bar at the press of a button.

The bar is adorned with sparkling glass balls, ornate chandeliers, hundreds or butterflies, karma sutra inspired tapestry and multiple types of plants. All of which combines to create an over-the-top backdrop to the night.

Dinner, however, is exquisite with wagyu beef, lamb, and oysters all on the menu and done to great effect.

There is also an Asian influenced section of the menu with the Asian style Tuna Nicoise being the stand out. At night Cloudland turns into a dance club with the young clubbers of Brisbane out in full force.


More Brisbane Restaurants, Grill'd

Grill'd is for anyone who thinks they are tired of burgers, or thinks McDonald's burgers are the only kind.

One trip to Grill'd will have you converted to the new gourmet style burgers.

With multiple locations around Australia the interesting and unique combinations on the menu will have something for everyone, including vegetarians and gluten free.

The Big Queenslander and Summer Sunset are two burgers that embrace the local taste.


More Brisbane Restaurants, City and Valley

Limes gives you a glorious view over the Valley. If this is what you are looking for, the rooftop at Limes is the place to be.

Enjoy their tapas on the roof with a relaxing cocktail after work or after a hard day of sun-tanning on the weekend.

There are also a handful of lime infused dishes which give the restaurant its name. After hours, Limes becomes an enchanting rooftop bar which can be enjoyed all year round thanks to Brisbane's nearly perfect climate.

Every Monday there is a rooftop movie that is always popular enjoyed with tapas and drinks. The Blackberry and Basil martini is fantastic and the Maple Leaf Manhattan is a favourite because anything with maple syrup is a winner with me.

For even more Brisbane restaurants, visit our West End, South Bank,New Farm and Riverside, and you'll find even more Brisbane restaurants on our Milton, Paddington, and St Lucia regions pages.

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