QPAC Brisbane, The Performing Arts Centre

QPAC Brisbane or the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, opened in 1985. It is home to 4 theatres, 4 restaurants, 6 bars, and an art gallery.

Set in the Cultural Centre of South Bank, it's also close to all the attractions of South Bank. Each of the theaters is home to a slightly different type of shows.

p>The Lyric Theatre is where the big musicals and similar shows are held. The recently renovated Concert Hall is, as the name suggests, home to musical concerts and orchestras.

The Cremorne Theatre houses a good many of the Queensland Theatre Company productions. This includes other more intimate productions such as the Brisbane Cabaret performances. The Playhouse Theatre tends to have smaller musical productions as well as dance productions.

© Joe Gatling | Flickr - Queenland Performing Arts Complex

Four restaurants are located in the QPAC area, as well as the restaurants in and around South Bank.

These are the Lyrebird restaurant, the Cafe, the Bistro, and the Playhouse Cafe.

The times for each restaurant vary depending on what is on at QPAC so it is best to check before you make plans.

The Lyrebird restaurant is an upscale dining area, which usually requires reservations for theatre nights.

The Cafe, The Bistro, and the Playhouse Cafe are more informal settings. They are usually open before and after performances for drinks and coffee as well as food.

QPAC Brisbane, arts centre and wheel at night

© Tyler Neinhouse | Flickr - Queenland Performing Arts Complex at Night

If you're looking for a pre-show drink The Bar, on the ground level, and the foyer bar at your theater will be open an hour before the performance. 

There is some seating available at The Bar and at each foyer although it tends to be limited.

Getting to the QPAC Brisbane

Getting there is easy as it is on the busway.

Almost all the buses on the south side of the river stop at the Cultural Centre Bus stop and many of the north side buses do as well.

You can also take the train to either South Bank or South Brisbane stops. The CityCat and City Ferry both stop at South Bank terminals ... see them on the far left on first photo... which are only short walks from QPAC Brisbane. 

QPAC Brisbane, closeup

© Phillip Capper | Flickr - Queenland Performing Arts Centre

If you want to drive, there are plenty of parking garages around as well as some free street parking a bit farther out from the theater.

Both the street parking and garages tend to fill up quickly on the weekends and on nights where all 4 theatres are running so leave extra time if you are going on one of those nights.

To book your show, or just see what's on, visit their website QPAC or, if it's edgier comedy and visual art you're looking for, you may also want to consider the Powerhouse.

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