Queen Street Mall Is Brisbane's CBD Shopping Centre

Brisbane's Queen Street Mall is a downtown city block that has been made 'pedestrians only' so shoppers can wander at will.

Cars and buses can go around, or in the case of buses, under but not through.  The pedestrian only area is bounded by Elizabeth Street to the east, Adelaide Street to the west, Edward Street to the north and George Street in the south.

The easiest way to access the Mall is by public transport as parking is limited to two hours during peak times. Its also generally impossible to find a park, and is extremely expensive.

Queen Street Mall at Christmas

Queen St is served by the North Quay CityCat and City Ferry terminal, and is an easy walk across the William Jolly or Victoria bridges from the South Bank CityCat and City Ferry terminals.

Between the CityCat Terminal and the Mall, take some time to drop into the Brisbane Casino. It's worth it just to look inside, even if you're not a gambler.

There are also convenient bus terminals such as the Cultural Centre bus terminal in South Bank.

There is also the large Queen St Mall bus terminal underneath the mall.

As well 'The Loop' is a free bus service that goes around the downtown core of the city and includes the Queen Street Mall in its service.

Nightlink buses that run late on Friday and Saturday also leave from the area of the Queen St Mall and are usually filled with 'party-goers' making their way home after a long night out.

Queen Street Mall also has a large tourist information centre which can help you plan your stay in and around Queensland. If you get lost or need help figuring out the maze that is the Queen Street Mall there are also friendly information guides, identifiable by their blue and yellow 'i' badges, wandering around to help.

Queen Street Mall, the Brisbane Arcade

Queen Street mall is also within walking distance of the Central, Roma and South Bank and South Brisbane train stations. Just make sure when you're crossing the streets around the mall that you obey the traffic signals as there are often officers out just waiting to give unsuspecting tourists a ticket for not crossing at the lights.

Queen St Mall is a pedestrian only street is filled with stores; however, there are also nine different malls set back off the street. You can find more of them at our page Queen Street Mall Brisbane.

The Brisbane Arcade is a heritage listed building built in 1923.

Although slightly hidden it is worth walking down simply for the stunning architecture and feeling of being transported back in time.

The stores in this arcade reflect its grandeur and are more of the antique, upscale and elegant designers and jewellery stores.

Its 3 floors hold everything from clothes to house wares, its major attractions being Bora and Tengdahl.

Broadway on the Mall is more for the young and contemporary. Just past the Brisbane Arcade, there are over 70 stores on the four levels.

MacArthur Central is found at the end of the mall and features the two big stores, Woolworths and Big W. In the area you can also find more high end fashion along Edward St, including Polo Ralph Lauren and Watches of Switzerland.

Queen Street Mall, view from Victoria Bridge
Queen Street mall, Victoria's statue just off Queen St

The largest mall along Queen Street is the Myer Centre.

On 6 floors it houses 200 stores as well as a movie theatre. Here you can also find Target, Myer, a food court, and many other contemporary stores.

Near the Hilton Brisbane Hotel you will find the Wintergarden mall. This mall holds over 90 stores including a health club, restaurants, R.M Williams, and Mambo.

Near the centre of the Mall, where it intersects Albert Street, is the Q&A Building which holds Guess and Aldo among others.

Queen Street Mall at Christmas

© Adam Campbell  | Flickr - Strolling Down the Mall

Places to Eat and Relax in the Queen Street Mall

The boundary streets also hold retail treasures from boutique and specialty stores to delightful cafes to take a break from a day of retail therapy.

If a break and some re-energizing is what you need there are plenty of restaurants along the mall.

© Jan Smith  | Flickr - The Pig & Whistle

Three 24 hour restaurants run down the centre of the strip, The Pig and WhistleJimmy's on the Mall, and Milano's.

There are also food courts in many of the malls the shoot off from the main strip.

If you happen to be there on a Wednesday there is a farmer's market between 11am-6pm at the top of the mall.

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