Queensland Universities: The University of Queensland

Of all the Queensland Universities, one of the most prominent is the University of Queensland.  This is particularly so in Brisbane, as it has an outstanding reputation.

Its campuses also feature beautiful buildings, which are a significant feature of the city.

The university's St. Lucia campus has to be one of the most beautiful places to study anywhere in the world with its flowering trees and honey- and ash-blonde stone buildings.

The St. Lucia campus is a short ride up the Brisbane River by CityCat. This ride a pleasure in itself, as the banks are lined with fine old homes, many in the 'Queensland-style' of pioneer days.

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UQ was the first university to be established in the state of Queensland and the fifth in Australia. It was established in 1909, and is the largest university in the state.

This university was a founding member of the Group of Eight and is a member of the Universitas 21 alliance. 

The University of Queensland routinely wins Australian Awards for Teaching and is one of the leading research universities in the country. It also routinely appears in the tops 1% of world wide university rankings, so it's quite a place to study.

Queensland Universities, UQ St. Lucia campus
Queensland Universities, UQ St Lucia campus quad
Queensland Universities, UQ St Lucia quad

Originally situated in downtown Brisbane,  the increase in students led to a bigger campus being built in 1938. This was in its current location in the suburb of St. Lucia.

Queensland Universities, St Lucia campus cloisters

The beautiful marbled walk around the quad at the St. Lucia campus of the University of Queensland provides shade on hot days which are common in Brisbane.

It also gives you shelter from the rain on those few days when that happens.

For those of you considering medicine or the Health Sciences, for example, this is where you'd be doing a lot of your studying.

Other undergraduate subjects you can study include Languages, Architecture, Arts, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Information Technology or IT, Economics, Engineering, Sciences and Agriculture.

Everything from A to Z, in fact.

There are now three other major locations, one in Ipswich to the southwest of Brisbane, one at Gatton  (located inland from Brisbane), and one at Herston (a suburb of Brisbane).

There are also numerous satellite sites for the university.

Post-graduate studies are similar, but visit the UQ website for specific details or visit our CQ University page for details on another great place to study.

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