Roma Street Brisbane, See The Parklands & The Rest

Roma Street with its Parklands and rail and bus stations, is one of Brisbane's principal routes and the Parklands is one of its most popular parks.

Roma Street, park bottle tree

The parklands were established in 2000 on land adjacent to the site of an older park known as Albert Park.

The city extended the original park to make the area larger, and made use of the nearby space that was being wasted.

The Parklands have become a quiet place to visit in the center of to Brisbane. This is a place to relax and unwind just outside the Central Business District or CBD.

The park was originally a quarry which was transformed into a park. This means that the paths, although good, need climbing up or down.

It's a really beautiful spot for those who are fit enough to enjoy it all, perhaps not for the frail elderly or anyone who is unfit, except in certain places.

Features of the park include the Bottle Tree Ridge... one of the bottle trees there is in the photo above, the Spectacle Garden, a lake with a Fern Gully and headlands made to show wetland plants and animals, and other natural areas, such as the Arid Land.

Roma Parklands are a popular through route from the CBD and Spring Hill to the railway station.

They're also popular for public venues at important holiday times, as well as open-air concerts in the warmer months.

The parklands include an open-air amphitheatre and a stage, the Celebration Stage, and restaurant for visitors.

Like the other Brisbane Botanic Gardens, the Parklands are free to enter. The most scenic, and pleasant, way to get to Roma Street Parklands from the downtown area is to walk through the gardens from Spring Hill.

Roma Street, shady walk in the park

There's too much traffic and concrete, walking along Roma St itself. The concrete magnifies the hot sun and you feel you're in a desert. Trust me on this, I have experienced it.

Roma Street, park fountains

If you know anything about plants, you might notice a number of beautiful Australian native plants growing in various areas of the park.

You will see plants that are indigenous to the Brisbane area, as well as plants from various other parts that also grow well in the Mediterranean climate of the Brisbane area. 

As well as the lake, there's an ornamental stream with water features, like this one.

With all this water about, you get to see water birds though it isn't a good idea to 'feed the ducks' here as it messes up the park.

The water features and the shape of the land makes an excellent setting for commercial photographers who use the gardens for professional shoots. 

And it isn't just professional photographers who can see the advantage of using the Parklands in their shots, see the next photo.

In common with the other Brisbane parks, Roma Parklands provides plenty of picture-perfect places for weddings, like the one pictured above and other family celebration photos, as well as lawns for sporting 'weekend warriors' to kick, throw and catch a ball.

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