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Seaworld Gold Coast is a great way to see ocean creatures up close without being in the sea with them. You can pre-book your day at the parks by clicking on 'Brisbane Tours', on the right.

All along the Gold Coast are theme parks so close together you can easily move between some of them during the day.  Sea world is one of those, though it isn't your typical theme park.

It's more about observing rather than doing. However there are a lot there to interest the kids, as there are plenty of thrills to be had on the Jet Rescue, Sea Viper and other scary rides.

Situated close to the ocean near Broadwater, and as the name suggests, Seaworld Gold Coast is full of sea creatures. It's a great way to see Australian ocean creatures without having the surprise of one brushing up next to you while you're out there swimming.

© Phalinn Ool | Flickr - Sea World Gold Coast

The park is open everyday except Christmas Day, that is December 25th and Anzac Day which is April 25th. Prices for Sea World are around A$80 for an adult and A$50 for kids and seniors, but visit them at the link below for latest details.

If you're planning on also visiting Movie World or Wet ní Wild then there are a number of combination deals you can buy. And if you're going to be making multiple trips, the Superpass is your best choice. It allows 28 consecutive days of entry into all 3 parks for about A$130.

Some of the highlights of Seaworld Gold Coast include Shark Bay and Ray Reef where different species of sharks and stingrays glide around and visitors can view them from a number of locations, both above and below water. At Ray Reef, you can also feed and touch the stingrays as they glide past.

© Kim | Flickr - Shark at Sea World

© R Jeremia | Flickr - Ray at Sea World

© Steve Garner | Flickr - Shark at Sea World

If you arenít content with just observing from a distance, many of the exhibits offer the chance to get even closer; with guided tours inside the exhibits, educational performances, and talks with resident trainers.

And, if you canít get down to Melbourne to see fairy penguins in the wild at St. Kilda or Phillip Island, then Sea World is the next best place. In some ways, it's even better because this penguin exhibit also has King and Gentoo penguins.

© Stig Nygaard | Flickr - Penguins

© Tatters | Flickr - Little Australian Penguins

© Phalinn Ool | Flickr - Penguins

One of their newest attractions has nothing to do with marine life, or modern day life at all. Dinosaur Island gives you the chance to experience the time when giant reptiles roamed the forests!

Interactive displays and Ďdinosaursí makes the island come 'alive'. This is an attraction for kids of all ages, except maybe the very youngest. As well, there are rides and other attractions to entertain you throughout your day.

© Kim | Flickr - Seal

© Buddhikede Silva | Flickr - Polar Bear

Seaworld Gold Coast se turtle

© Brisbane Walkabout - Penguins

Sky Climb is an obstacle course up to 12 metres above the ground for your older, more daring kids

Sky Fortress is a kid friendly playground.

For the smallest kids, there's the SpongeBob Parade with floats and boats galore, and for everyone, theres a water playground to cool off in after youíve spent the day running around.

© Tatters | Flickr - Sea World

Outside of the park, Sea World Gold Coast also offers whale watching and helicopter rides. Whale watching is from Sea World's catamaran, at sea off the Gold Coast.

They provide a guide, to explain the different marine life you're seeing. This also helpful to assist you spot the Humpback whales that everyone on board came to see. The catamaran has an underwater microphone as well so if the whales are singing, you can sing along.

© Alexxis | Flickr - Seaworld Helicopter

© Phalinn Ool | Flickr - Pelicans and Turtle Exhibit

© Phalinn Ool | Flickr - Rides

Whale watching is about A$100 for an adult and A$77 for children. Take note that this price doesn't include entrance to the Seaworld park.

There are however packages that do include whale watching and entry into the park. Prices depend on where you go, and how long you go for.

If seeing the area from the air is more your thing, Sea World Gold Coast offers helicopter rides around the area.

Visit the Seaworld Gold Coast website for more details on this resort.

© Flying Cloud | Flickr - Sea World Dolphin Show

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