South East Queensland - There is a Lot To See

South East Queensland is the part of the state of Queensland that holds most of the states population. It not only contains Queensland's capital city Brisbane but also takes in the areas that surround the city.

Sunshine Beach, one of Noosa's most beautiful beaches

The SE Qld area extends to the north as far as the end of the Sunshine Coast, and to the south to where the state of NSW starts at the border, which is within the Gold Coast area. So part of the Gold Coast is in Qld and part in NSW.

The city of Brisbane is quite large and its suburbs extend out from the central business district and cover quite a large area.

Brisbane merges with the areas surrounding it, and many people from areas close to Brisbane work within the city area.

If you are visiting the area, there are a lot of things you can do in the actual city area itself, but if you are going to visit the city you may be interested in the other places of interest that surround the city.

While the SE Qld area is well known for its stunning world-class beaches with white sand, warm surf and great weather almost year round, there are many inland areas that are also great to visit.

There are an array of places just waiting for you to visit, and you may choose to travel from Brisbane in a number of directions. There are islands offshore from Brisbane, and to the north and to the south you can visit the coastal regions, and there are a number of towns big and small to the west.

Brisbane is located on Moreton Bay, and there are quite a few Moreton Bay islands as it is a large area. There are islands located in the bay both to the north and the south, and they are definitely worth visiting, as they offer different yet unique experiences, depending on which island  you choose to visit.

If you are staying in Brisbane, you may travel north from the city, and visit a number of the areas in South East Queensland. If you wish to visit the Northern Moreton Bay area, you can follow what is known as the Northern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive, as it includes some interesting places to visit, including the Boondall Wetlands, Sandgate, Shorncliffe and the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Within a one to two hour drive north of Brisbane, you will find the beautiful Sunshine Coast strip, home to dozens of beaches to suit everyone's needs, and many interesting places in the Sunshine Coast hinterland as well.

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On the southern side of the city, close to the coastal areas of Moreton Bay is the Redlands region. There are quite a few interesting places to visit there in the area known as South Moreton Bay.

There are a number of places in the Redlands area, where you can travel to the Moreton Bay islands to the south of Brisbane City. Check out more about this area at the govt website which tells you about the Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive.

Driving in a slightly different direction to the south-east of Brisbane, you will find the Logan City area, which is primarily residential. The Gold Coast Highway goes through the middle of this area, and you can exit anywhere along there if you wish to visit Logan City.

If you drive south out of Brisbane on the Pacific Highway, in about an hour you will reach the Gold Coast. It is known worldwide for it's gorgeous beaches as well as for the wonderful rainforest areas located in the hinterland.

Most visitors want to visit the beaches, and go swimming, surfing and simply enjoying a great day out. You can also visit the theme parks that are located in the Gold Coast area. There is a lot of accommodation available on the Gold Coast, and many people make this their destination when visiting south east Queensland, as it has a world wide reputation for being a place to experience.

The historic town of Ipswich to the west of Brisbane is an interesting place to see, and while you are in the area you might like to continue further west and visit small towns such as Laidley, or visit Rathdowney, Grandchester and Boonah, quiet towns with lots of history.

Some little known places in South East Queensland are located to the south-west of Brisbane in the area known as the scenic rim. This area takes in many small country towns. Pack an overnight bag so you can take your time exploring, as there is a lot on offer, and you will easily find a B&B (bed and breakfast) to stay the night.

Take a look at the map and you will see the various areas marked on it. The Lockyer Valley, The Scenic Rim and the Somerset regions are a fair drive from the city, and if you wish to visit these areas I would suggest you stay overnight somewhere in the area as they are not really places that are comfortable for a day trip from Brisbane.

There is a lot to see in south east Queensland. Enjoy your visit here!

Some of the interesting areas in South East Queensland mentioned above...

In the  morning at Noosa Heads Beach on The Sunshine Coast

Rainbow Bay Beach at Coolangatta part of The Gold Coast

Redcliffe Beach with  Whale Watching boat the "I Spy" at jetty.

Raby Bay and Cleveland are part of South Moreton Bay

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