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Want to know about Sports Brisbane? People in Australia are fanatical about any form of sport, and Brisbane is no exception.

There are very few other places where you would find bars packed to watch a field hockey quarter final. But in Australia the fans will be out in full force, decked out in carnival type costumes.

If you want to check out the local action, any grassy area on a warm day will be filled with some type of sport and most people are more than willing to let you join in a game.

© Carter S | Flickr - Local Netball Game

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There are also many local professional teams playing a variety of sports. If you want to get into the spirit of the game then dressing up in the home team's colours will always be appreciated.

Usually maroon for the Queensland teams, or yellow and green for the Australian teams. Most games held at the Gabba or Suncorp Stadium allow ticket holders free public transport to and from the games. You simply show your ticket to the driver when you get on.


Netball is similar to basketball, and is one of Australia's most popular female sports. In 2008 a national competition was started between five teams from Australia and five from New Zealand.

In Queensland, the Firebirds play at the Brisbane Convention Centre starting in April and running for seventeen weeks.


One difficulty for visitors with sports in Australia is that you often aren't sure which ones people are talking about. There are four different types, or codes of football, usually shortened to 'footy'.

Depending on who you're talking to their type of footy could be different to yours.  In Queensland the most popular code of footy is Rugby League.

The state has 3 teams in the National Rugby League aka the NRL, the Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast Titans and North Queensland Cowboys, who come from Townsville.

Home games for the Broncos and Titans are easy to get to from Brisbane. The Broncos play their games at Suncorp Stadium in Milton and the Titans play at Skilled Park on the coast.

Sports Brisbane, 'the Hill' at Ballymore

© Anke | Flickr - Brisbane Broncos in Action

This is approximately a 45 minute drive from Brisbane, although there is also public transport if you don't have access to a car.

Another completely different code of footy is Australian Rules Football, also known as Aussie Rules, or just footy.

There's only one professional team in Queensland, the Brisbane Lions, who play their home games at The Brisbane Cricket Ground in the Wooloongabba suburb... commonly known as The Gabba. 

Sports Brisbane, Brisbane Lions home at the Gabba

© Mathew F | Flickr - Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Swans

The fourth type of footy is soccer.

Because there are so many football codes in Australia, it is more likely to be called soccer in Australia to avoid confusion.  See Suncorp Stadium for more about the Queensland Reds and Brisbane Roar. 

Field Hockey

While most North Americans and Europeans would associate 'hockey' with ice hockey, in Australia as with much of Asia it is more likely to be field hockey.

The Australian teams generally do well at Olympic tournaments and have a domestic competition every other year where the men's and women's representative state and territorial teams compete.


Similarly to rugby, cricket is another sport which has various forms.This includes Test matches, One Day Internationals also known as ODIs, Twenty20's and others.

Sports Brisbane, cricket at the Gabba

© Jonathon Naider | Flickr - Cricket Match

It may be a bit confusing to figure out exactly which version of the game you're going to see. While cricket isn't popular in continental Europe or North America, in Australia it's one of the most loved sports.

Its a great way to partake in another great Australian past time, all day drinking. Warm sun, a cold beer and a cricket match, what could be better?


If you're a North American pining for some home-style sports there are options available.The basketball league has had some difficulties with funding and attendance but it's still going. Queensland has three teams in the league, although none from Brisbane.

© Mr Fooji | Flickr - Brisbane Bullets

The closest team is on the Gold Coast and plays at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. The league runs October to April to avoid competing for fans with the football leagues.

Gridiron Football

In order to keep confusion to a minimum, Australians refer to American Football as Gridiron.

While there are not many gridiron players in Australia there is a league in six states, including Queensland. There is also a Gridiron National Championships which is played between representative state teams.

Ice Hockey

Another North American sport that is slowly making a name for itself in Australia is ice hockey. It has taken a while (mainly due to a lack of ice) to get going but there is now a national league, the AIHL. 

© Sasky Saves | Flickr - Ice Hockey Match

The season runs from April to September and the team in Queensland is the Gold Coast Blue Tongues who play at the Iceland Ice Skating Rink.


In the week leading up to Australia Day the national baseball tournament is held each year. The Claxton Shield is competed by each state and the Northern Territory. The Rams are the representatives from Queensland. The tournament location moves from year to year.

© Simon Clancy | Flickr - Brisbane's Baseball Team Playing the Sydney Blue Sox

Other Sports Brisbane

On the Gold Coast, arguably the biggest sporting event is the Indy 300 car race held every October, which is followed by the V8 Supercar Race.

The streets of Surfers Paradise are basically shut down for a week as thousands of people descend for the race and the many events that are held along with the race, including the Miss Indy Competition. If you plan on going, book your accommodation early.

Another event that includes sports, though not the usual ones, except for the Sport of Kings, horse racing, is the Royal Exhibition or Ekka. The Ekka is one of Brisbane's more popular attractions with Australians. You'll find more at our page Brisbane Attractions.

And finally, another important sport in Brisbane is tennis. The Brisbane International is held every January -- just before the Australian Open.

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