Surfers Paradise Australia

Surfers Paradise Australia is on the Gold Coast about 45 minutes drive from Brisbane and the same from the Gold Coast airport near Coolangatta.

The name says it all as surfing is what the city is about. You can pre-book your day in 'Paradise' by clicking on the 'Brisbane Tours' link to the right.

The city is so large, and tall, it can be seen for miles, particularly when looking up or down the coast. It dwarfs the nearby towns but it wasn't always like that.

© Xiquinho Silva | Flickr - Surfers Paradise 

Surfers Paradise was a small place back in the Sixties when the western world, and that includes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, grew seriously rich.

Every year people from these countries and the rest of Australia jet into the two nearby international airports, Brisbane and Gold Coast, and head for the beach and waves of Surfers Paradise.  The other important attraction is the weather, as I hope the photos amply demonstrate. You can get the latest report at

Beach at Surfers Paradise, Australia

© Betsy Weber | Flickr - At the Beach Surfers Paradise

Today, Surfers Paradise Australia is a big city with giant resorts and hotels, and is is the center of Australia's Gold Coast.

Whether you're a wealthy business executive or if you're a backpacker on a budget, there's a place in Surfers Paradise for you.  The beach is fabulous, miles of white sand baked under a golden sun.

The waves roll in, having travelled miles across the open Pacific, steadily pounding the fine sand even finer. It's said that folks leave the beach in the afternoon because the hotels cast such a shadow it feels cold, of course that's relatively speaking, as it has such a warm climate.

The beach photos on this page suggests there may be some truth in it. Look at the shadows on these late afternoon photos. Of course, it's also true the bars and restaurants begin winding up for the evening at that time as well and who can say which is the cause and which the effect?

Surfers Paradise beach scene,  late afternoon in Australia.

© Olivier Huvenne | Flickr - Surfers Paradise Shadows on the Beach

The city still has some of its old roots, small one storey buildings overshadowed by towering skyscrapers. These older buildings are generally surf shops or restaurants, providing a feeling for what life was like before the party began.

And what a party it is; it's been going on for nearly fifty years now. The party-goers come and go, generations have come and gone, and Surfers Paradise is still attracting new revellers every year.

Surfers Paradise beach, Queensland, Australia

© Raelene Gutierrez | Flickr - sunrise at Surfers Paradise

Don't be put off by the party life image, the city and beach are big enough for families and retired folks to enjoy their time in 'Paradise' too. And it makes a great base for touring the Gold Coast and its hinterland.

The quiet serenity of Lamington National Park only about an hours drive away, for example. Even closer are the Theme Parks off the M1 Motorway, including SeaWorld, MovieWorld, and DreamWorld.

For maps of how to get here, and how to get around when you are here, visit our page of Surfers Paradise maps.




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