Surfers Paradise Map, Large and Small

Our Surfers Paradise map page includes a large map to set context. That way you know where you are on the Gold Coast, as well as a more detailed street map to carry with you when you walk.

The large map is to help you get there, driving directions if you like.

The directions are easy to follow; head out from Brisbane, going south on the M1 to the Gold Coast. Take either the highway 10 or 90 exit, depending on whether you're staying at the north or south end of the city.

This Google map is scaleable. You use the plus and minus buttons, and also you can pan using the arrows, to zoom in on an area of interest.

© Xiquinho Silva | Flickr - Gold Coast Aerial View

You can use this map for anywhere on the Gold Coast, not just Surfers Paradise. For example, if you were using it to look for the Lamington National Park, panning left will help you to find it.

If you then panned up, it will take you to South Moreton Bay, and panning down, you'll find Byron Bay in NSW.

Map of the Surfers Paradise Region

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Surfers Paradise Street map

This more detailed map is to print out and carry with you. Surfers Paradise beach is huge, it seems to go on for miles, and it's easy to lose your entrance way and exit, if you don't take notice or have a map.


For beach parking and entrances, as well as places to stay or eat, follow the Esplanade, which runs right alongside the beach.

As you see from this detailed map, Surfers Paradise has a series of waterways, part of the Nerang River, behind the beach where you'll find other watery pursuits and also the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

© thinboyfatter | Flickr - Surfers Paradise

For the riverside attractions, follow the Gold Coast Highway, which is also lined with shops, restaurants and other useful places. If you've found this page helpful, you may enjoy our page devoted to Surfers Paradise.

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