Things To Do In Brisbane

The things to do in Brisbane is quite a list.  It includes riding the Brisbane Wheel, seen in the picture below, to see the city and Qpac from above. 

Qpac is the Qld performing Arts Centre, another place that many people like to go to, whether a resident of the city or a visitor.

You can see live theatre, put on by the Queensland Theatre Company, at the Bille Brown Studio. The company features mainly local plays with some international flavor added to broaden the appeal.

Another popular activity is doing the Story Bridge Climb.  Before you go to the theatre, ride the Brisbane Wheel for a view of southbank and QPAC, and look down on the river and the bridges below.

South Bank is the citys's man-made beach, that has a warm lagoon and many attractions nearby, so it has all the beach goer needs right in the city.

A day or two in South Bank can also be a cheap, fun, active way to spend your time in the city. South of the river is also where you'll find many of Brisbane's art and cultural centres.

There are many theatres around the city including theater featuring comedy and dance as well as music,  to be found at the Powerhouse. In addition you'll find the second largest opera company in Australia, Opera Queensland.

The cultural centre in the South Bank Parklands is known as QPAC.

QPAC stands for the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and is held in the Lyric Theatre.

World class shows are performed each season by both international artists and well known Australian talent. It's also home to the Queensland Ballet.

The Qld Conservatorium at Griffith University is a great place to see young musicians. Their regular concerts are available to the public and showcase the brightest talent of the school. You can also see various performances of musicians, dancers, and movies in the Suncorp Piazza.

Each year they put on three shows in Brisbane, as well as others in the surrounding areas. For more evening activities, visit our page Brisbane nightlife.

Treasury Casino at Night

Story Bridge Walk

Seeing the city from above is something you can also do by climbing Story Bridge.

Another one of the many things to do in Brisbane, particularly for for the brave and active visitor, is the Story Bridge Climb.

Its also on the south bank of the Brisbane River, but farther down near Kangaroo Point.

Riverfire as it is known is the highlight of the Brisbane Festival, which is held in September each year. Music and fireworks are on display along the river. To read more details about it checkout the Brisbane Festival page.

Another festival to keep in mind when visiting Brisbane is the Exhibition or what's simply called The Ekka. The Ekka is a 10 day long event takes place each year in August, and is well worth making a visit for, or catching if you're in town at that time.

Throughout the year, Brisbane puts on a series of film festivals. Our Brisbane Film Festivals page lets you know when to be here to catch one.

One of the more popular Brisbane attractions is Chinatown. Brisbane's chinatown is quite small but it is full of energy and eastern promise, as china town's generally are.

As with most of Australia, sport is probably the biggest of Brisbane attractions. The Suncorp, and Ballymore stadiums providing an important part of any visit. You can do a different sort of sport at Kangaroo Point where rock-climbing is the thing to do... see image below.

Another of the things to do in Brisbane, and one of the most popular, is diving. As you'd expect with the city so close to the ocean and close to world-famous diving sites, like Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef, though that is a fair way north.

There are a lot of diving companies to choose from. Another way to enjoy the water when you're visiting Brisbane, is to take a River Cruise up the Brisbane River.

This is a companion page to our Brisbane Attractions article, which gives you more things to do in Brisbane.

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